2PCS Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger Hook Support Holder Stand Round Base Wall Mount


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✅ Padded Guitar Wall Hanger: 5 Core guitar hangers have padded arms to ensure your guitar is softly cradle and to avoid any scrapes or bumps when the guitar is placed with the guitar holder or remove

✅ Secure Guitar Wall Mount: This guitar hanger has an auto locking mechanism; unlike traditional guitar hangers that use Gravity the locking Gates on this guitar hanger drop into place as soon as your guitar is mounted in the device

✅ Universal Guitar Hanger: Designed to work with all types of headstocks the 5 Core guitar hanger is truly Universal; working with acoustic; Electric; Bass and even uneven heels

✅ Guitar Holder: This guitar hanger is designed with a deep cradle; this ensures that no force is used to find the sweet spot; the hanger moves into place to cradle your pride and joy

✅ Guitar Hanger Wall Mount: The wood mount on the 5 Core guitar hanger not only add some style but is design with the supplied fixings in mind; making it simple to mount in minutes



Guitar Hanger Features Guitar Holder Auto Locking Arms The 5 Core guitar wall hanger has an auto-locking feature. This will ensure that your guitar is held securely as soon as it is placed with the body of the guitar hanger. Guitar Hook Pivot Mount The 5 Core guitar wall hanger features a pivot mount. This means that your guitar is protected from lateral movement and will remain in place when brushed against. Wall Guitar Mount Fixings The 5 Core guitar holder wall mount comes with made to measure wall fixings. This will ensure that it can be securely mounted to your walls in seconds. Highly Compatible Guitar Hangers Designed to work as an electric guitar hanger; acoustic guitar hanger; and bass guitar the 5 Core guitar wall mount is ideal for creating your guitar wall. Padded Armed Guitar Mount The arms on the 5 Core guitar holder are covered with a rich and thick level of padding. This protects the finish of your guitar head at all times. Talk To Us We take great pride in our products and every purchase comes with a contact card in the box. If you experience any kind of issue with your purchase then please do refer to this and get in touch.




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