5 Core 360° Rotating Microphone Stand Dual Mic Clip Boom Arm Foldable Tripod MS DBL


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5 Core Microphone Stand; Upgraded Mic Stand with Dual Mic Clip Holders Heavy Metal Base Adjustable Collapsible Tripod Boom Stands

· COLLAPSIBLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: The 5 Core Microphone Stand is the perfect blend of quality and portability. The premium painted steel will last through years of continuous wear and tear and is light enough to take on the go! Low on space? No problem. This tripod boom mic stands folds flat for easier transportation.

· UPGRADED STABILITY: The upgraded leg lengthened from 11" to 13" and the diameter increased from 20mm to 25mm to improve the stability of the microphone stand. Thicker legs and all metal base have increased the net weight of the support of the stand from 2.4 lbs to 4.8 lbs; thus it improves the bearing capacity and making it difficult to tip over.

· TWO MIC CLIPS: Compatible with 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch adapter; the stand can be connected to 2 microphones at the same time for playing and singing. It is also easy to use with iPad or iPhone; but the clip and screw are not included. The length of the boom arm is 27inch and can be adjusted 360°. After the clamps are connecting; the length can be up to 30 inches.

· ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Recording studios? Check Stages? Sure. TV stations? Why not! This tripod boom mic stand is ideal for a wide variety of uses.

· STABLE ON UNEVEN SURFACES: Irregular surfaces are no match for the 5 Core Boom Mic Stand. Each leg can be adjusted individually; ensuring a stability no matter the terrain. Better still; the adjustable mic stand’s rubber feet minimize vibration and keep your floors safe from scuffs and scratches.

5 Core Tripod Microphone Boom Stand

This fully adjustable mic stand is perfect for studio recording; band practice; school music programs; church choirs; speeches; stage performances; and live music.

It is collapsible and lightweight; ensuring easy transport from maximum convenience.

Powerful and Practical

Two is better than one!

5 Core Boom Tripod Mic Stand features two universal mic clips.

Use one for your instrument and one for your voice for an unbeatable musical experience.

Both arms adjustable – the large arm extends to an incredible 52 inches; and the small arm offers both extendibility and 360° rotation.

Telescopic Tripod Stand

No need for a second arm?

Simply remove the boom arm to convert the mic stand into a traditional straight tripod mic stand!

The classic style is ideal for graduations; competitions; summer camps; solo singing; and more!

Perform as a Dynamic Duo

Let your kids join in on the fun! This boom stand holds two microphones and makes group performance so much easier. You will be able to rock out all night long.


Not suitable for Condenser Microphone.

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