Mini byteMIC MIC REC Hidd USB Audio Recorder Digital


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1.9hour Voice REC, Stereo MIC pickup, Small Easy Conceal Design, CNC Aluminum Design, Easy to Use, Playback Direct or Download

Features: Covert Voice Recording, Phone Conversations, Personal Notes;
Functions: Voice/Audio Recording, Easy Download, Playback on Headpones;
Material: Polycarbonate;
Recommended Usage: Discrete Voice Recording, Meeting Minutes, Medical Notes;
Installation Type: Ready out of the Box;
More Details:;

The byteMIC is an ultra-compact CNC Aluminum covert voice recording device. These small devices pack a long lasting punch at 9 hours of audio recording on battery. The Mini byteMIC MIC REC Hidd USB Audio Recorder Digital has a high-quality 48hz and 16bit microphone pickup.

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